Parents Listen Sponsors and Partners

Generous organizations and individuals who have donated time, money, love & encouragement, and/or effort in the production of the Parents Listen Speaker Series.

We honour and thank you for your contribution.

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Peachy Yutango - Organic Oven
         Thank you Peachy, and everyone at Organic Oven for your warm hearts, your commitment to excellence, and especially for making organic and "gluten/casein/egg/you name it-free" taste so yummy.

Our fundraising partners

Sarah Sparks, Independent Avon Representative

         Thanks for dreaming up AA (having nothing to do with "anonymous"... but for Avon for Autism). 
         Thanks for taking our vision and running with it all over Aurora, Newmarket and basically anyone you touch. 
         Thanks for being the one we bounce and idea around, and you grab the ball and run with it.

Christina Kalchos - AKA - Awesome Kids for Autism
Thanks for being a courageous spitfire, driven into action to make a difference for kids with ASDs everywhere. 
        Your passion, enthusiasm, and energy are contagious.

Our "distribution network" - organizations who generously forwarded our announcement to their mailing lists

Laura Cox-Kerr -- Special Needs Network        

Kathy Deschenes -- Unity for Autism

Laurie Mawlam -- Autism Canada

Kerry's Place

Autism Ontario


Autism Today

Our "Cheering Section"

Our families - Mom & Dad R.; Mom P.; Terry, Steve, Thomas, and William; Ian & Sue; Steve, Sarah & Lillian

Our friends... ya know who you are, and ya know why I'm not listing you out here... it would take a while.

Our inspiration - the "little man", "monkey", "bug", "buddy" - yep, the kid that inspires us, always - Jordyn.

Landmark Education -- an Education for Living without which none of this would be possible  (