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July 11th Raun K. Kaufman Talk Recording
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Survey Results for Parent's Listen Presentation of Raun Kaufman:


We wanted to briefly fill you all in on the results/success of this first event:

         There were 278 people in attendance

         113 people filled out our survey (results below) with an overwhelmingly positive response

         We received a number of emails from families who had seen immediate results out of implementing some of the principles that Raun spoke of in the talk.

         We know of at least 4 families who have attended, or are registered for, the Son-Rise Start Up program out of finding out about this opportunity.


Value of material presented

81% Excellent

15% Great

4% Good

Quality of presentation

90% Excellent

7% Great

3% Good

Overall Experience of Event

            84% Excellent

            13% Great

            3% Good


Quality of speaker

            93% Excellent

            7% Great


 Likelihood of attending another Parents Listen Speaker Event

            76% Excellent

            21% Great

            2% Good

            1% Fair  (1/113)

Look further into material for
family or client

            73% Excellent

            24% Great

            2% Good

            1% Fair


Recommend Speaker Series to others

            80% Excellent

            17% Great

            3% Good


Recommend Material presented to others

            81% Excellent

            15% Great

            3% Good

            1% Fair

Some Comments by People who attended:

         "Thank you for giving a different view on Autism"

         "Raun's enthusiasm and the immediate ideas he gave that I could go home and do tomorrow."

         "Real-life experiences, understanding, and examples I could relate to (and the humour of the delivery)."

         "The only speaker/event I've attended regarding Autism that gave me hope!"


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