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Julie Matthews

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Nourishing Hope

Dec 1, 2007 in Toronto

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Who is Parents Listen?

Michael and Kelli Pallett saw an opportunity to make a difference for parents and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders and created Parents Listen.  Michael and Kelli are parents of a 4 yr old boy named Jordyn who is diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. 
They live outside Orangeville, ON.

Why a Speaker Series for Parents?

Parents are a child’s best advocate.  They are the most passionate, motivated, dedicated, and loving resource in their child’s life.

Being aware and informed of the variety of options available, parents have the freedom to choose what is best for their child’s development and care, and for their family.

Through the Speaker Series we are committed to inspiring and empowering parents to create loving, nurturing environments full of possibility in which the dreams they have for their child will be fulfilled.

Who is going to be speaking?

We are actively seeking speakers, both professionals and parents, who will cover educational methodologies, nutrition, sensory integration, biomedical interventions, as well as others.  We are continuously hearing about new potential speakers and topics.  Please pass on any suggestions, ideas, or join our mailing list by emailing

Getting involved with Parents Listen Events (Volunteering)

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Our Next Speaker:

Julie Mathews, Certified Nutritional Consultant specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders,  and a DAN Practitioner for the past five years, consults with Families all over the World and Hosts a Radio Show in San Francisco.  Julie is coming  to Toronto Saturday November 3rd to speak to Parents and Caregivers about the profound impact changes in diet can have on our ASD children - and how to get started.




Kelli & Mike (& Jordyn) Pallett




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