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Michael & Kelli Pallett

(519) 942-3738

Orangeville, Ontario

We (Kelli and Michael) are parents of our four year old son, Jordyn.  Shortly after his second birthday Jordyn was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum.  Jordyn is a happy, loving energetic boy who is challenged when expressing himself verbally. 

Kelli and I were married on October 4th, 2002.  Jordyn was born on June 1, 2003.  When we realized at about 18 months that Jordyn's speech was not developing normally, and saw examples of him withdrawing, avoiding eye contact, and engaging in repetitive behaviors, we turned to the medical community for help.  After Jordyn's diagnosis we thought we were doing as well as we could because we recognized that something was going on early.  However, really all we succeeded in doing was getting his name on waiting lists (for which he is still waiting).

We realized that we needed to go outside of the established medical community if we were not going to be content with merely waiting.  Realizing that autism is impacting families in Ontario (and the world) at epidemic rates, we understood that we were not alone as parents grappling with it - now what do we do. 

We are creating Parents Listen Speaker Series as an opportunity for Parent to share with each other what works now, and is available now, without waiting.  Please click here for more information about Parents Listen.

Michael, in addition to being a dad, is the Director of Engineering for Telecor, a Toronto based communications company.  He has been with Telecor his whole adult life (24 years - I am 43).

Kelli, in addition to being a mom, is a senior Course Supervisor for Landmark Education, a leading global transformational education company.  She works with people to transform their lives inside of their relationship to their past, and their future, their ability to communicate effectively, and their ability to relate effectively with others.


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