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Fun, Rewarding and Unique Volunteer Opportunity

Be a part of an exciting, energetic, fun, child-centered program. 

Join our home-based program for our 4 year old son, Jordyn, who is on the Autistic Spectrum.  This program is unique because it is based on the Son-Rise Program® methodology.

This program is based on bonding through an attitude of love and acceptance.  It uses a format that is profoundly respectful of a child’s world.  Through play we are inspiring, in Jordyn, growth in the areas of eye-contact, communication, interactive play, and friendship skills – ultimately to cause him to reach his full potential.

Our results, just by implementing the principles in our home, have been miraculous so far.  We are excited to fully implement the program.


We are now interviewing volunteers who:

Ø  can bring energy, enthusiasm, and excitement

Ø  want to make a difference in the life of a very special child and his family

Ø  welcome the opportunity to enrich his/her own life

Ø  can make a commitment to 4-6 hrs/wk (1½-2 hrs at a time).

NO experience is necessary!
We will provide training and ongoing feedback.

If interested, please call Kelli or Michael at 519-942-3738
or email us at kelli@pallettcorner.net