Concluding the Raun Kaufman Speaking Event






Hello Everyone -


It has been just over 2 months since our first Parents Listen Speaker Series Event - Raun K. Kaufman of the Autism Treatment Center of America - in Toronto.


Like many of you we have had a very busy couple of summer months, and are now gearing up for the next event.  (More to come on this in a separate email).


We wanted to briefly fill you all in on the results/success of this first event:

         There were 278 people in attendance

         113 people filled out our survey (results below) with an overwhelmingly positive response

         We received a number of emails from families who had seen immediate results out of implementing some of the principles that Raun spoke of in the talk.

         We know of at least 4 families who have attended, or are registered for, the Son-Rise Start Up program out of finding out about this opportunity.


Some notable comments on the surveys that capture the "mood"/"results" from the evening:

         Thank you for giving a different view on Autism

         Raun's enthusiasm and the immediate ideas he gave that I could go home and do tomorrow.

         Real-life experiences, understanding, and examples I could relate to (and the humour of the delivery).

         The only speaker/event I've attended regarding Autism that gave me hope!


We want to thank you all for making this event such a huge success, and a fulfillment of what we are creating - evenings where parents (families, friends, etc.) can learn of options for the treatment and development of their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We are committed that at every event the participants can walk away with concrete ideas/materials they can implement in their home immediately.


For those of you who were unable to make it to the event, and are interested in hearing Raun's talk, you can check out Raunís audio introduction to his own talk on our web site at  We are working out the details of how to make the whole recording available to you, and will keep you posted.


Thank you all for your support and the opportunity to make a difference. 


We will send you all an announcement about our next speaker shortly.


Kelli & Michael Pallett

Parents Listen


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Requesting Volunteers and Team Members:

We are clear, to make this a roaring success we need a team, we canít do this all alone. 
We would be thrilled to hear from anyone wanting to join our team and assists with this, or future events. 
What you contribute will be completely up to you. 
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We specifically need those of you who have contacts to get the word out about the Series and this upcoming event.
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We also would welcome those of you who have experience with website design, promotional materials, marketing, etc. 
Anything that would get the word out so we can make the biggest impact possible.

Future Speaker Events:

We are actively listening for potential speakers whose talks will make an immediate difference for families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders. 
We are considering future speakers in the area of nutrition (diet & supplementation), given the tremendous impact simple changes can have on a childís behaviour and ability to interact. 
Other areas include biomedical interventions, educational methodologies, and sensory integration. 
Your ideas and requests are welcomed.
Please email us at, with your ideas.

More Information about our current speaker?  Click here.