Speaker Series





Nourishing Hope:
       The Essentials of Nutrition Intervention
                                                           for Autism

-                                                              Julie Matthews, NC



WHEN:    Saturday, December 1st, 2007

                 10am – 3pm

(including: 2 Q&A periods, preparation demo, break/tasting period)

WHERE:  Ryerson University Business Building

             55 Dundas Street West

             Toronto, ON

PRICE:     FREE (donations requested)


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Food has an extreme influence on people on the Autistic Spectrum.   Thousands of parents, throughout the world, have altered their autistic children’s diets, with extraordinary results.  Dietary interventions can have as greater and more immediate impact on our children behaviors then almost any other type of intervention or therapy.

It is well understood, that ASD children are struggling with unique biochemical reactions to the food they are eating.  Often there is a direct relationship between these difficulties and their behaviors.  Attention to the dietary aspect of our children’s condition often alleviate in some cases eliminates physical problems that can have an immediate impact their ability to speak and socialize.

Nourishing the body and its biochemistry through food and essential nutrients is an important first step to healing – and no one needs good nutrition more than picky eaters!


Why is this so very important to ASD kids? - click here



Julie is a frequent lecturer at major Autistic Conferences thought the United States.  Her audiences often include parents and medical professionals from all over the world.  Parents Listen is honored that she has agreed to come to Toronto and make her knowledge and experience available to parents and healthcare parishioners here.

In this workshop, Julie presents the foundations of dietary changes for our ASD children that work.  She will be practical with tips for picky eaters – information you can use to get started right away.




Julie will explain some of the relationships between diet and behaviour, and the science behind diet. She will provide a high-level overview of the respective therapeutic applications of the many ASD diet options discussed in the autism community – including gluten/casein free diet (GFCF), Specific Carbohydrate diet (SCD), Body Ecology, Feingold, low oxalate, and more.


She’ll discuss how to begin and evolve a gluten/casein-free diet along with a preparation demonstration (and tasting) with recipes on some basics of GFCF, SCD, and fermented foods so you can begin to implement changes at your own pace. With a particular focus on food quality and blending traditional wisdom with modern science, you’ll learn how food can heal, where to start with diet, and how to increase your child’s nourishment over time.


Proposed Itinerary


Morning Session - The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Information on the science behind diet and real results Julie has experienced firsthand to help illustrate why diet is so much more important to
   people with ASDs.

An overview of the different ASD diets, where to start, and what you can expect (including when to try another evolution of your child’s diet).

Discussion about what makes foods healthy, what foods and ingredients to avoid, and what nourishing foods to emphasize.


Morning Questions and Answers


Break – (Please bring your own lunch/snack or visit a local restaurant)


Afternoon Session – Practical “How to” and Demonstration

Practical discussion about implementing a GFCF or SCD in your home, help for picky eaters, and additional ideas including traditional foods.

Cooking Discussion and Food Preparation Demonstration


Afternoon (Final) Questions and Answers