Thank you for following up on our ad placed in The Orangeville Banner.
We hope that this page will give you a little more information about the program we are running for our son Jordyn.
Thank you in advance for your interest and coming this far.

Be part of Jordyn's Son-Rise Program...
We are looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a special boys life. 
Through one-on-one play in our specially designed in-home playroom we are using the Son-Rise Methodology to expand our son's expressive language and social skills.  Using the Son-Rise Developmental Model as our guide, we are inspiring growth in Jordyn.  We have had some miracles so far, and are looking forward to what lies ahead.  By working as part of Jordyn's Team you will be contributing your ideas, passion, excitement, and enthusiasm to this fun and rewarding program.

About Jordyn:
Jordyn is 4.5 yrs old.  He is a loving, curious, smart little man.
He has an extensive vocabulary that he uses for labeling objects, but has difficulty putting 2 words together spontaneously (e.g. want pear).
Jordyn loves puzzles, blocks, letters, numbers, words, drawing, songs, tickles, etc.  His interaction with us has expanded greatly and he is so interested in people.  He is on a special diet and is getting a number of supplements to help with the biomedical aspects of his autism (they are making a big difference).
Jordyn is a happy little boy who loves to play.
Jordyn attends school every morning, and we are running our program in the afternoons and into the early evening..
Starting in July, we will also be running the program in the morning hours.

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Job specifics:
Sessions with Jordyn will be a maximum 2 hours.  Workers will not be expected to start at 2 hours, but will work up to this over time.
The additional 30 minutes in the shift is to brief/debrief and record what happened in the session.
Until July we are looking for people to work sessions each afternoon/evening (1pm - 6:30pm).
In  July & August we are looking for people to work sessions each morning/afternoon/evening (9pm - 6:30pm).
Sessions could also be schedule on weekends.
We will schedule "team meetings" once every 2-3 weeks to evaluate our goals, share what is working/not working, and do some training.

What is the Son-Rise Program?
The Son-Rise Program is based on an attitude of love and acceptance. 
Through bonding with Jordyn, he allows us into his world... then we build on his games and interests to develop his language and interactive social skills.  Well, the creators say it best, so click here to be taken to the Son-Rise Program website.

To view a little bit of Raun Kaufman's (the originating child all grown up without any signs of autism) talk in Toronto - click here.

What is the Developmental Model?
Click here to follow the link to Son-Rise Developmental Model.

Please click here to download a Microsoft Word Application form - and click here to fill out an Adobe Acrobat Application On-Line

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