The proceeds of all of these product offerings will be applied directly to the cost of producing the Parents Listen Speaker Series. 

Thank you for your support! (By the way - there are some really good values here!)

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AKA - Awesome Kids with Autism proudly run by
                     Family of Nolan an "Awesome Kids with Autism"
                                  & Attain Promotions

Help raise awareness and funds for Autism Organizations and more great events like this one.
Purchase a "AKA-Awesome Kids with Autism" T-Shirt for only $10.50!

Let's see how many people we can spot across Ontario this summer wearing their cool AKA wear showing they are "living with" Autism in some way.

T-shirts are great for these awesome kids, family members, friends, caregivers, teachers... and even local politicians and community leaders... for you or for a gift.

Let's SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS what we all know... that THESE KIDS ARE AWESOME!!!

To purchase on-line click here.
To purchase by cheque or money order, send it to (with # of shirts, colour, and size) to:

     Attain Promotions
     Suite 1A - 106 Sandcherry Court
     Pickering, ON  L1V 6V8

Adult Navy with White Logo             Youth Girls Pink with Purple Logo        Youth Boys Navy with Yellow Logo
         (Front View)                                      (Back View)                                   (picture not available)



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